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This site is dedicated to 8th grade Global Studies. The links below can help students and parents throughout the school year. All class material is availabe through the links. What is covered each day can be found by checking the class calendar. The unit handouts are used as a text book and have been distributed to students during class. If a student has lost class materials, he or she can access and print any class materials. All files are PDF's and can be viewed and printed, but can not be edited. The notes links can be used to access class notes that students may have missed through the unit. The review link has a copy of a test review which students have recieved in class. The test bank gives you copies of tests from previous classes. The tests change from year to year, but the nature of each test remains very similar to the sample tests.


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Test Review
Test Bank
Audio/Video Files

Unit One:

Intro to Geography

5 Themes Notes
Intro to Latitude and Longitude
Continents and Oceans Map
Cartography and Basic Map Parts
Map Projections
Orange Map Examples
5 Color Population Map
Blank World Map

Unit Two (Part I):

Physical Geography

What Do You Know ?
Apple of My Eye
Landform Bingo Card

Landform Bingo Games

Contour Maps
Drawing Contours
Contour Map Examples

Unit Two (Part II):

Physical Geography

Unit Three:

World Population

Population Terms
Population Growth Chart
The Stork and the Grim Reaper
Future Wheel Examples
State Abbreviations
Population Map Line Graph
Effect of Migration on Growth
Developed vs. Less Developed
Census Data 2010
Census Data 2011
Census Data 2013

Unit Four (Part I):

Cultural Geography

Unit Four (Part II):

Cultural Geography

How Are Resources Allocated?
What is Economics?
Government Effect on Economy
Supply and Demand
Competitive Situations
Competitive Situations Scenarios
Money Notes
Globalization Stats
Globalization Stats 2014
Economic Systems
Lemonade Stand Stats 2011
Lemonade Stand Stats 2012
Lemonade Stand Stats 2014


Unit Five:

World Conflict

United Nations
Why Do We Have Wars?
U.S. Military Intervention
Hotel Rwanda Notes
Genocide Map Lat & Long
20th Century Genocide Map

Unit Six:


Unit Seven:


Europe Project Sample
Europe Regions Map

Europe Climate and Vegetation
European History
Brainpop Movie Marathon
HEI:Building Polders
MCA Test Prep Worksheet
GDP Cartogram
Balkans Wordle
Turmoil in the Balkans
Supranational Cooperation
EU Pros and Cons
Russia: Rebuilding a Nation

Unit Eight:


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